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How does a small compact
digital camera stand out
in the digital world?

SX50 HS digital camera



Extreme Zoom

The SX60's 21-1365mm equivalent lens not only has extraordinary reach - it's also wide enough for shooting interiors and sweeping landscapes. Its image stabilization does a respectable job of reducing shake for both stills and videos.

Super-long lens

65x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom and 260x combined zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer.

Used for espionage around the world.

"It rocks.""

Google Chrome Extension

Reveal the settings used when a photo was taken

Reveal the META data of any picture. In partnership with Canon, Google Chrome will offer a downloadable plug-in called “Canon Reveal.” With this Browser plug-in, users can roll over any photograph and find out any available META data, informing the user of what lens, camera, and aperture setting was used when that picture was taken.


Did you see that?

A specially printed sleeve would show a photograph the way it would be taken at a distance. Onece the sleeve is removed, it would reveal an image taken 65 times closer that reveals a set of grandpa's teeth flying through the air during an exciting theme park ride.

Slider Pens

Maybe a little too revealing

Some things are not what they seem…like a super model's luscious head of hair. A slider pen would reveal a little bit more about her trade secrets in the industry, and give you a pretty capture.



Henry David Thoreau said, "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." So find our what your firends see with the Zoomulator. A Canon web-based generator that re-creates a picture zoomed in so much, that you can see the things reflected in people's eyes. Except you might find out strange things about your friends. Are you ready?